From a small centerpiece for an intimate dinner party to large scale wedding decor, we consider each arrangement and each event to be an opportunity to create a work of art. We source the most pristine flowers and foliage and design them in artistic and unique ways that evoke amazement and enhance the ambiance of your affair.

Our design style and aesthetics may change depending on what or who inspires us, but we always work with the same approach; to cater to your specific needs and create arrangements that reflect your vision and taste without losing the natural beauty of the floral elements we use. 

We prioritize providing seasonal and locally sourced flowers. 

Ha Rue (Also haru) means “a day” in my mother tongue, Korean. The name reflects my intention to live each day of my life surrounded by nature, countless shades of colors, interesting texture, and evocative scents of flowers and foliage. I relish in the days of my life being filled with flowers and sharing that beauty of nature with others.